Mixture for game meadow – for deer and rabbit

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Mixture for game meadow – for deer and rabbit

This is a mixture of the best varieties of clover and quality wild herbs. It offers attractive, perennial feeding for rabbits, deer, partridges and pheasants. The small height of the vegetation (to 60 cm) and loose construction, strongly attract small game. On young animals, sunny places are offered, as well as comfortable micro-habitats for ground-nesting birds. Light seed, also allows manual sowing, thereby obtaining an optimal one, uneven structure, resembling plant islands, which has a good impact on habitat quality. The mixture contains different types of clover, sainfoin, seradela, alfalfa, yarrow, close-leaved liveworm, dandelion and calendula.

Sowing period: from April to August
Consumption rate: 2,0 kg / dca
Depth of sowing: 0,5 – 2 cm
Germination period: 14 – 21 days
Height: to 60 cm
Use: perennial
Package weight: 10 kg

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