Wild boar repellent Wildschwein Stopp rot

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Catalog number: 75-501

Wild boar repellent Wildschwein Stopp rot

ATTENTION!!! Signal word: Dangerous. Indication of danger: H222 Highly flammable aerosol. H229 Pressurized packaging: May explode when heated. H315 Causes skin irritation. H319 Causes serious eye irritation.

Wildschwein-Stopp protection products are very effective, thanks to the intense concentrated scent, leading to a significant reduction in wild boar damage in maize fields, potatoes, vegetable gardens and vineyards.
They are developed 2 product:
 Hagopur wild boar-stop червен 400ml
 Hagopur wild boar stop син 400ml
Numerous recommendations from customers confirm, that the products help to reduce the damage by about 80%. Practice shows, that this combination also helps against deer and deer damage.
The problem:
Wild boar damages corn crops, potatoes, hops, grapes and meadows, which reduces yields and imposes high costs on electricians and other expensive protective measures.
The goal is product development, which
 Protects crops effectively and with less effort and cost, than putting up a fence.
 Chases away the game, but it doesn't hurt him.
 It has an easy and safe application.
The solution:
 Product based on natural flavors, which signal the wild boar to its natural enemies, with great action and wide use.
 The application is combined with special padded aluminum strips, thus the effect is amplified by the emitted noises and reflected light.
 Wildschwein-Stopp - applied by spraying on the padded part of the strip (1 spray / 400 ml allows about 220 separate sprays), which are placed around 1 m. height. The application is repeated for everyone 2-4 weeks. The distance between the strips should be 8-15 m. For larger areas we recommend 25-30 strips per hectare.
 Consistent use of Wildschwein-Stopp ROT (component A) и Wild boar stop BLUE (component B) prevents the animals from becoming accustomed to it.

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