Fox bait Hagopur Fuchs Wunder Rauchfisch

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Fox bait Hagopur Fuchs Wunder Rauchfisch

Fuchs Wunder lure 250 ml is the only one of its kind to lure foxes and representatives of the family. Pores. It irresistibly attracts animals in the immediate vicinity and ensures success in fox hunting. The lure has been known to every hunter for many generations. In many countries, luring bait by betting on meat, fish and other similar products is prohibited, and it is also more expensive.
Fuchs Wunder lure has a long-lasting effect and is suitable for hunting from a jackal or other shelter, and also in traps.
The characteristic properties are:
• Lure based on smoked fish concentrate with natural flavors.
• Slow release through the oily consistency.
• Does not contain synthetic fragrances.
• Does not harm the environment due to natural ingredients.
• Developed according to the latest scientific achievements.
• Application is safe, economical and easy.
• It also has an attractive effect on wild boar, ferrets, squirrel and goldfish.

The top of the package is cut off and the preparation is sprayed in a thin stream on stumps, shrubs and trees.

Contents: 250ml

Tested in our hunting area!

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