Bahco drop lever

130.00 лв. VAT included

Catalog number: 24-002

Bahco drop lever, with removable hook. Forged steel profile from the best sheet steel, hardened. Ergonomic handle with rubber cover. For use as a lever for felling and turning trees with a diameter of chest height up to 20 cm. Lever length – 80 cm. Weight -2600 g
Instructions for using the lever:
• Only one person works with the lever;
• To work in a safe position and to take into account possible sudden detachment / rebound of the lever;
• Do not weld damaged levers;
• Replace damaged / bent levers;
• The foot should not be placed in the incision of BMT;
• When overloaded, the lever bends, and does not break.
Bending is not a qualitative disadvantage!